Vacant Home Staging

We offer a complete line of furniture and decorative accessories to fit in any size and style of home to completely furnish your vacant home. By the time we are finished your property will show like a model home. We specialize in furnishing Re-habbed homes, Model homes and Spec homes.

Most experienced real estate agents will attest: trying to sell a vacant house adds obstacles and depresses sales price. Consider these top five reasons why selling a vacant house is often a mistake in any market:

1. People don’t simply buy houses; they buy the next chapter of their lives. This is an emotional experience and emotion influences what people buy and how much they will pay. Vacant houses are devoid of life – the chance to make an emotional connection is lost.

2. Vacancy distracts buyers from looking at the house itself. They wonder: “Is this a divorce? Why did they move out? Are they selling because they have money problems? Is this home hard to sell?” They’ll make a low-ball offer, thinking the owner is desperate.

3. When a house is vacant, buyers focus on flaws. They look at nail holes, carpet wear and gaps in the molding rather than how the space works. In a vacant house, floors, walls and ceilings are all the buyers see. This drives the price down.

4. People can’t visualize how furniture fits. An empty bedroom might appear awkward or a living room might seem cavernous. Some spaces might confuse buyers because a use is not obvious. Buyers are derailed and move on to the next house in hopes to find the “one” that fits.

5. Vacant houses don’t show as well as staged homes. Without people, even the best home quickly looks and smells vacant. Dust settles, leaves scatter, and the stale smell spreads. These cues often shorten the showing time, leading to fewer chances of a sale.

Your investment for furnishing your vacant property will vary by the size of the space and the scope of the project – a no obligation proposal will be provided upon request.

Great Room Before

Great Room Before

Great Room After

Great Room After


A vacant house is like a vacant stare, something just isn’t right.

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